Food Sharing Wolfville

Have too much food? Going a way? Left over food from a party? Share it with friends in this Facebook group community.
Remember to bring your own containers or bags when picking up food.


Gleaning with Canadian Mental Health Association Youth, Enactus Acadia Youth, and Slow Food Nova Scotia Youth. We hosted several events from Aug-December 2016 where youth went out to farms and picked produce that would otherwise be left in the field. This produce was then distributed in the community through the Ugly Food Bags program, SOUP, and for the youth who came to pick the produce. Thank you to Longspell Point Farm and Taproot Farms for generous donations of produce and time.¬†We’re currently exploring better ways to make this project more sustainable and a “win-win” for everyone.

Free Food Freezer

The Free Food Freezer was launched in July 2016. It was in central Kentville for several months and we filled it up with meals every week. Every week it was emptied and we received many kind messages from people grateful for the meals. We see this small food sharing project as a means for changing the discussion from “we don’t have enough for everyone” to “we have more than enough food for everyone if we have better physical and community structures for sharing.”

Ugly Food Bags

Ugly Food Bags is a pay-it-forward food rescue project. The produce comes from local farms and markets that can’t sell this produce. At SOUP, it is bagged up and sold as a Pay-It-Forward program through Henny Penny’s Farm Market